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Active And Passivce Voice of Future Indefinite Tense

Active And Passivce Voice of Future Indefinite Tense

Simple Future Tense

Active: Subject + will/shall + first form of the verb + object
Passive: Object of the active sentence + will/shall + be + past participle form of the verb + by + subject of the active sentence

Rules of Simple Future Tense Passive Sentence

  1. Simple Future Tense passive voice में change करने के लिए will/shall + be + V3 का इस्तेमाल करते है।
  2. Negative sentence में helping verb ‘will/shall‘ के बाद ‘not be‘ लगाते है।
  3. Interrogative sentence में helping verb ‘shall/will’ को sentence के शुरुवात में लगाते है।
  4. Helping verb ‘will/shall’ का इस्तेमाल वाक्य के subject के अनुसार करते है। जैसे कि I/We के साथ shall और You/he/she/it/name/they तथा plural noun के साथ Will का प्रयोग करते है।

Note : प्रतिज्ञा/दृढ़ निश्चय/आज्ञा/निषेध का भाव दिखाने के लिए I/We के साथ Will का प्रयोग करते है तथा you/he/she/it/name/they/plural noun के साथ Shall का प्रयोग किया जाता है।

Active: I will write a letter.
Passive: A letter will be written by me.

Active: She will help me.
Passive: I will be helped by her.

Active: John will learn the lesson.
Passive: The lesson will be learnt by John.

Changing a negative sentence into the passive

Active: She will not help us.
Passive: We will not be helped by her.

Active: We will not visit the hill station this year.
Passive: The hill station will not be visited by us this year.

Active: We shall not betray our country.
Passive: Our country shall not be betrayed by us.

Changing an Interrogative sentence into the passive

Active: Will you help him?
Passive: Will he be helped by you?

Active: Will you not help me?
Passive: Shall I not be helped by you?

Active: Will they accept our invitation?
Passive: Will our invitation be accepted by them?


Change the following sentences into the passive form.

  1. She will open the box.
  2. She will invite me.
  3. The teacher will punish him.
  4. We shall do it again.
  5. She will teach him a lesson.
  6. He will buy a wrist watch.
  7. She will make tea for the guests.
  8. The barber will cut his hair.
  9. she will wash the clothes.
  10. He will do it.
  11. People will forget it.
  12. We will execute all the orders promptly.
  13. They will publish two books in June.
  14. No one will solve your problem.
  15. The police will arrest the thief.
  16. Nobody will play the match.
  17. Somebody will beat you one day.
  18. I shall buy the books tomorrow.
  19. I shall never forget those happy days.
  20. We shall hear his voice no more.
  21. They will start the show in two months.
  22. No one will do anything against you.
  23. We will not admit candidates under twenty.
  24. People will forget this event in a few year’s time.
  25. Somebody will help you in the hour of need.
  26. They will exhibit the show till the end of this month.
  27. Nobody will hear his voice often his death.
  28. Shall I ever forget the happy days of childhood ?
  29. Your father will speak to you.
  30. I shall write to you.
  31. Will she accept my invitation ?
  32. I shall tell you when the time comes.

Answer :

  1. The box will be opened by her.
  2. I shall be invited by her.
  3. He will be punished by the teacher.
  4. It will be done again.
  5. He will be taught a lesson by her.
  6. A wrist watch will be bought by him.
  7. Tea will be maked by her for the guests.
  8. His hair will be cut by the barber.
  9. The clothes will be washed by her.
  10. It will be done by him.
  11. It will be forgotten.
  12. All the orders will be promptly executed.
  13. Two books will be published in June.
  14. Your problem will not be solved.
  15. The thief will be arrested by the police.
  16. The match will not be played (by anyone).
  17. You will be beaten one day.
  18. The books will be bought by me tomorrow.
  19. Those happy days will never be forgotten by me.
  20. His voice will be heard no more.
  21. The show will be started in two months.
  22. Nothing will be done against you.
  23. Candidates under twenty will not be admitted.
  24. This event will be forgotten in a few year’s time.
  25. You will be helped in the hour of need.
  26. The show will be exhibited till the end of this month.
  27. His voice will not be heard after his death.
  28. Will the happy days of childhood be ever forgotten by me ?
  29. You will be spoken to by your father.
  30. You will be written to by me.
  31. Will my invitation be accepted by her ?
  32. You will be told (by me) when the the time comes

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