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Rbse Class 12th Advertisement Writing

एक विज्ञापन उत्पादन ( product) या रिक्त पद के बारे में एक घोषणा है। एक समाचार पत्र में विज्ञापन विभिन्न विभागों के शीर्षक के अंतर्गत दिया जाता है। विवाह से संबंधित विभाग का विवाह संबंधित के अंतर्गत दे देता है। किराए पर (on rent)  घरों की उपलब्धता (Availability) संबंधी विज्ञापन category के अंतर्गत दिया जाता है। यह सब विज्ञापन अपने विषय के अनुसार और  Classified advertisement (वर्गीकृत विज्ञापन) के नाम से जाना जाता है।

विज्ञापन की श्रेणियां

समाचार पत्र विज्ञापन विस्तृत रूप से निम्नलिखित श्रेणियों में छापे जाते हैं।

1. Matrimonials (विवाहिक)
2.Educational (शैक्षणिक)
3. Accommodation (आवास स्थान)
4. Job Vacancy (नौकरी की रिक्तता)
5. Lost and found (खोया-पाया)
6. Miscellaneous (विविध)

विज्ञापन लिखते समय नहीं बातों का ध्यान रखना चाहिए

  1. कम से कम शब्दों का प्रयोग करना चाहिए।
  2. हम आर्टिकल्स कंजक्शन और लिंकिंग वर्ग को हटाया जा सकता है बशर्ते सूचना स्पष्ट रहे।
  3. लापता या संपर्क स्थापित करने का पता दूरभाष सहित या ईमेल पता आदि हो तो स्पष्ट लिखना चाहिए।

 Question 1. 

Write out a matrimonial column for publication
in a newspaper for a suitable match for your son.

A beautiful slim girl from respectable highly educated
Gaur Jangir family for a handsome graduated boy 25 years,
174 cms dealing in wholesale business of Shoes. Father
owning his farms worth cross in Jaipur. Girl only consider-
ation and no dowry. Early marriage. Apply Box No. 2158-
CD Indian Express, Jhunjhunu.

 Question 2. 

 Your younger brother aged 5 has been missing for
the last three days, Draft an advertisement in not
more than 50 words for the Missing Persons col-
umn of a local newspaper. You are Ram/Rama.

Krishna, a 5-year old boy, 65 cms. fair complexion, round
face, well-built physique has been missing from Rajasthan
since 16th August, 20--. He has a scar on his forehead.
He is wearing a white shirt and blue shorts and was car-
rying a school bag when seen last. He speaks Hindi and
Rajasthani. The person giving any clue shall be suitably
rewarded.Contact Ram/Rama, 9829276181
 Question 3. 

Prepare a Matrimonial advertisement for a Bride
Groom giving all necessary details.

Wanted handsome match for beautiful Punjabi Khatri girl,
age 23, height 180 cm. Government employee. Father Sr.
Manager, PNB. Caste no bar. Write with complete details
to M.R. Khatri, 12/114, Punjabi Colony,Sikar. Mo.

Question 4. 

You are Saroj of 15, Rajaji Nagar, Jaipur. You want
a maths teacher for your son who is a class 10 stu-
dent. Draft a suitable advertisement in not more
than 50 words stating your requirements.

Services of a well trained, experienced, result oriented
and a retired Maths teacher are urgently required to teach
my son who is studying in 10th class at D.P.S. Jaipur.
Evening times are most suitable since the boy attends
morning classes. Remuneration negotiable. Interested
lectures having the mind to labour hard may please con-
tact Saroj of 15, Rajaji Nagar, Jaipur contact 0141-2434343.

Question 5. 

You have lost your red bag with important
educational documents. Draft a suitable news-
paper advertisement to be published in the
local daily.


A red plastic bag with important educational docu-
ments has been lost somewhere near the bus stand on 02
March, 20--. at 7 a.m. The finder is promised a handsome
reward. Please return to XYZ. Shiv Sadan, Station Road,
Sikar. Mob. 9351447388

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