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Passive Voice Of Present Indefinite Tense : Full Explanation In Hindi

1. Present Indefinite Tense के Active sentence का hindi और english में pattern :-

कर्त्ता + कर्म + धातु + ता हूँ/ती हूँ/ते हैं/ती हो/ते हो/ती है/ता है इत्यादि।

मैं आम खाता हूँ।

Active Voice of Present Indefinite Tense
+ V/ V5
+ Object
a mango
a mango

2. Present Indefinite Tense के passive sentence का हिंदी तथा अंग्रेजी में pattern :कर्त्ता + संज्ञा /सर्वनाम + के द्वारा + धातु + आ जाता है/ई जाती है/ए जाते हैं इत्यादि।


कर्त्ता + धातु + आ जाता है/ई जाती है/ए जाते है इत्यादि।

आम राम के द्वारा/मेरे द्वारा खाया जाता है।
आम खाया जाता है।

    Passive Voice of Present Indefinite Tense
+ am/is/are
+ V3
+ by + agent
A mango
by me
by her
by him

Rule :

जब present indefinite को passive voice में change करते है तो I के साथ am, We/You/They/plural noun के साथ are तथा He/She/It/singular noun के साथ is helping verb लिखा जाता है। और main verb का V3 form प्रयोग किया जाता है।

Present Indefinite Active Voice के Negative तथा Interrogative sentence में Do/Does का प्रयोग किया जाता है लेकिन इसको passive voice में change करने के लिए helping verb is/are/am का प्रयोग किया जाता है।

Plural (Passive Subject)
1st Person
He beats me. — A.V
He beats us. — A.V
I am beaten. — P.V
We are beaten. –P.V
2nd Person
He beats you. — A.V
You are beaten — P.V
3rd Person
He beats him. — A.V
He beats them. — A.V
He is beaten. — P.V
They are beaten. — P.V

Active Voice To Passive Voice Of Present Indefinite Tense / Simple Present Tense

Passive Voice of Present Indefinite Tense
Active Voice
Passive Voice
Affirmative / Positive Sentence
Subject + V1 / V5 + Object
S (convert object to subject) + is/are/am + V3 + by +O (convert subject to object) + Remaining
Radha sings lovely songs.
Lovely songs are sung by Radha.
I teahces you.
You are taught by me.
People speak Hindi in Bihar.
Hindi is spoken in Bihar.
He beats me.
I am beaten by him.
We eat rice everyday.
Rice is eaten by us everyday.
Negative Sentence
S + do/does + not + V1 + O
S (convert object to subject) + is/are/am +not + V3 + by + O (convert subject to object) + Remaining
She does not like me.
I am not liked by her.
They do not help him.
He is not helped.
She beats no one.
No one is beaten by her.
I do not tell a lie.
A lies is not told by me.
He does not eat mangoes.
Mangoes are not eaten by him.
Interrogative Sentence
Do/Does + Subject + V1 + Object
Is/Are/Am + S (convert object to subject) + V3 + by + O (convert subject to object) + Remaining
Do you love your country ?
Is your country loved by you ?
Do they love you ?
Are you loved ?
Does she love me ?
Am I loved by her ?
Does she not know you ?
Are you not known to her ?
Do you not like such films ?
Are such films not liked by you ?

Excercise :

Change the following sentences into the passive form.

Ram teaches the boys.
I like it.
She always abuses me.
I follow the rules.
We keep the butter here.
Ram cleans the car everyday.
We eat rice everyday.
I help those poor boys.
He helps everybody.
The father punishes his son.
One uses milk for making curd and sweets.
Nobody reads this book.
They make these types of furniture.
People often take him for his brother.
Somebody cleans this room everyday.
Careless driving causes many accidents.
They make these cars in Japan.
People always admire this kind of activity.
This boy always wins the prize.
In our country we exploit the poor.
Some people dress their children very badly .
They don’t allow us to talk in the class.
He never forgets his wallet.
She always forgets her purse.
He needs help right now.

Answer :

The boys are taught by Ram.
It is liked by me.
I am always abused by her.
The rules are followed by me.
The butter is kept here.
The car is cleaned by Ram everyday.
Rice is eaten (by us) everyday.
Those poor boys are helped by me.
Eveybody is helped by him.
His son is punished by the father.
Milk is used for making curd and sweets.
This book is not read by anyone.
These types of furniture are made by them.
He is often taken for his brother.
This room is cleaned everyday.
Many accidents are caused by careless driving.
These cars are maked in Japan (by them.)
This kind of activity is always admired.
The prize is always won by this boy.
The poor are exploited in our country.
Some children are very badly dressed.
We are not allowed to talk in the class.
His wallet is never forgotten by him.
Her purse is always forgotten by her.
Help is needed by him right now.