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International Flights on August 7 | Delhi to Vancouver, Abu Dhabi to Hyderabad Check Schedule

Under Centre's Vande Bharat Mission (Phase V), national carrier Air India will continue operating special flights ex-India to various destinations and ex-foreign stations to India. The Narendra Modi-led government has commenced the world's largest repatriation operations from May 7, in a bid to help stranded people reach their destinations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ex-India to foreign stations

  • AI 1143 DELHI 3:30 VANCOUVER 7:00
  • AI 0314 DELHI 8:35 HONG KONG 16:30
  • AI 1925 DELHI 9:45 SHARJAH 12:00
  • AI 0973 DELHI 10:00 MUSCAT 12:05
  • AI 1951 HYDERABAD 10:50 ABU DHABI 13:20
  • AI 1905 BENGALURU 11:30 RIYADH 14:05

Ex-foreign stations to India

  • AI 1926 SHARJAH 13:00 DELHI 18:00
  • AI 1952 ABU DHABI 14:20 HYDERABAD 19:40
  • AI 1144 VANCOUVER 18:00 DELHI 22:30
  • AI 1906 RIYADH 15:05 BENGALURU 22:30
  • AI 317 HONG KONG 18:00 DELHI 20:50
  • AI 0974 MUSCAT 13:05 DELHI 17:55

Under the Vande Bharat Mission, Air India and Air India Express have uplifted 2,67,436 stranded passengers, and other charters have uplifted 4,86,811 stranded passengers during May 6 to July 30 period, the civil aviation ministry had said in a statement.

Earlier last month, the Union government extended the suspension on scheduled commercial international flight operations to and from India till August 31.

"The government has decided to extend the suspension on the Scheduled International Commercial Passenger Services to or from India up to 23:59 hours IST of 31st August. Specific Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) has been issued accordingly," an official statement said.


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