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Active & Passive Voice of Present Perfect Tense

Use of  Present Perfect Tense : Passive Voice in Hindi

Rules :

  1. Passive voice में active voice के object को passive का subject तथा subject को passive का object बना दिया जाता है।
  2. Present Perfect Tense के sentence को passive voice में change करने के लिए has/have + been + V3 का use किया जाता है।
  3. Passive Voice में helping verb (has/have) का इस्तेमाल subject के according होता है। I/We/You/They/Plural Noun के साथ helping verb ‘have‘ का तथा He/She/It/Singular Noun के साथ ‘has‘ का इस्तेमाल होता है।
  4. Negative sentence में not + been को helping verb (has/have) के बाद लगाते है। Interrogative sentence में has/have को sentence के शुरू में लगते है।

Excercise :

Change the following sentences into the passive form.

  1. I have killed two birds.
  2. She has helped me.
  3. He has eaten a mango.
  4. They have cut the trees.
  5. They have seen the ghost.
  6. You have made several mistakes.
  7. The police have caught the thief.
  8. This boy has made it.
  9. The children have painted the wall.
  10. Someone has picked my pocket.
  11. He has sold his car.
  12. She has cheated me.
  13. He has already completed the wok.
  14. Someone has left the bag in the garden.
  15. No one has seen that mad man for ten days.
  16. No one has ever beaten him at tennis.
  17. He has always helped me.
  18. No one has said anything about it.
  19. Nobody has done anything.
  20. Nobody has read this book.
  21. Nobody has written a letter.
  22. They have already filld the vaccancy.
  23. Ram has pushed the table into the corner.
  24. Nobody has answered my question properly.
  25. Nobody has used this room since 2005.
  26. Ram has posted the video on facebook.

 Answer :

  1. Two birds have been killed by me.
  2. I have been helped by her.
  3. A mango has been eaten by him.
  4. The trees have been cut by them.
  5. The ghost has been seen by them.
  6. Several mistakes have been made by you.
  7. The thief has been caught by the police.
  8. It has been made by this boy.
  9. The wall has been painted by the children.
  10. My pocket has been picked (by someone).
  11. His car has been sold by him.
  12. I have been cheated by her.
  13. The work has already been completed by him.
  14. The bag has been left in the garden.
  15. That mad man has not been seen (by anyone) for ten days.
  16. He has never been beaten at tennis.
  17. I have always been helped by him.
  18. Nothing has been said about it. (by anyone)
  19. Nothing has been done by anyone.
  20. This book has not been read by anyone.
  21. A letter has not been written by anyone.
  22. The vacancy has already been filled by them.
  23. The table has been pushed by Ram into the corner.
  24. My question has not been answered properly. (by anyone)
  25. This room has not been used since 2005.
  26. The video has been posted on facebook by Ram.

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